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Aluminium Composite Panel

Our aluminium composite panel consist of, 3mm unbroken core with 0.18 skin on both sides with PE coating white on front and PE undercoat on the back. 5 year warranty.


Size of both a-frames –600mm x 900mm (face size) with 100mm leg

Standard A-Frame

  • Powder coated A-Frame
  • Sheet metal faces
  • Double sided tape
  • x4 pot rivets
  • x4 screws
  • x4 rubber feet
  • Rubber Coated Handle
  • x2 side stays
  • Bubble wrap bag
  • Cardboard carton
  • Polystyrene packers
standard a-frame - aluminium composite panels
slide out a-frame - aluminium composite panels

Slide in Panel A-Frame

  • Powder coated A-Frame
  • Runners on each side
  • Lift up to caps
  • x4 rubber feet
  • x 2 side stays
  • Bubble wrap bag
  • Cardboard Carton
  • Polystyrene packers

At Budget Sign Panels, our strong links to the sign industry ensure that you will be getting the product you are after every time. We import our products at competitive prices and ensure that our products will be suitable for Australian conditions and requirements.

We also offer a personalised cutting service, where we can customise your sheets to your particular specifications.  With no minimum order requirement, feel free to order a aluminium composite panel from us today and test our product for yourself.

Our Aluminium Composite Panel

3mm unbroken core with 0.18 skin on both sides
PE coating white on front, PE undercoat on the back
Cutting Services
5 year warranty

Sample of Aluminium Composite Panels

Aluminium Composite Panel - Cutting Service

We offer a personalised inhouse cutting service, with our 5m CNC Router.  You can order your composite panel and have it cut to your desired shape and size.

We will also cut acrylic, mdf, sign white and many other materials.

Quality Brands We Use

Frequently Asked Questions

Is aluminum a composite metal?
Aluminium composite panels are very light comparing to other composite materials. Aluminium is a material that is categorized as a lightweight material which makes it perfect for cladding systems. In comparison with steel, aluminium is 66% lighter which makes it a perfect suitable alternative.
What is aluminium composite panel made of?
In simple terms aluminium composite panels are two aluminium sheets with thermoplastic core made of polyethylene which holds them together. Because of its structure aluminium composite panels are perfect for exterior cladding systems.
Is Aluminium composite panel sustainable?
Aluminum Composite is the most sustainable, eco-friendly material and one of the most recyclable materials on the planet as the Aluminum that has been extracted from the sandwich panels can be easily recycled without any loss of value or quality.


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